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The National Conference of the Libyan Opposition

The National Accord

The National Conference of the Libyan Opposition, London, 26th June 2005

The National Libyan Opposition Conference held its first conference in London on the 25th and 26th of June, 2005.

Different political organizations and several independent figures came together to participate at the conference.

The attendees discussed all agenda items in a democratic spirit characterized by engagement and active debate regarding the devastated conditions back home and ways to overcome the catastrophic calamity that has befallen Libya as a result of the 36 year brutal regime of Mouamar al-Qadhafi.

The Conference emphasizes that returning the constitutional legitimacy to Libyan political life is fundamental for the establishment of a stable, sustainable political environment, through which the Libyan people will be able to freely exercise their productive roles in the development of their society.

The Conference further emphasizes that the only legitimate constitution in Libya is that of 1951 with its subsequent amendments, which was endorsed and approved by the National Founding Committee under the supervision of a special committee of the United Nations.  The oppressive action taken by the regime to cancel the constitution of 1951 is neither legal nor legitimate and therefore is fundamentally rejected.

The Conference declares that the return to the constitutional legitimacy requires the following actions:

1.  The relinquishing of all Colonel Mouamar al-Qadhafi’s revolutionary, political, military and security powers;

2.  The formation of a transitional government run by individuals who are recognized of being trustworthy and have the capabilities to run the country for a period no longer than one year, in order to bring the country back into constitutional life; and

3.  Establishment of a constitutional and democratic state built on key concepts such as political and cultural diversity and peaceful transition of government powers; a state that guarantees fundamental freedom and human rights, that establishes the rule of law, equality and equal opportunity to all Libyan citizens without any form of discrimination; that protects and develops national resources, and endows balanced foreign relations built on mutual respect.


The Conference calls for the following political, media and legal actions:

  1. The political solicitation of Libyans to fund the establishment of an effective way to address the Libyan people.

  1. The creation of a legal mechanism to prosecute all members of the Ghaddafi regime who have committed crimes against humanity through the relevant international courts.

The Conference issued several decisions and recommendations pertaining to national Libyan issues.

The National Conference for the Libyan Opposition, as it concludes its sessions successfully, proudly registers its admiration and gratitude for the spirit of cooperation and the high sense of national responsibility, which dominated the discussions.

Therefore, the attendees indicate their intentions and desire to further emphasize this path of national solidarity, which will crystallize in a national democratic block so patiently awaited by our people in Libya.


To all participants,

The National Conference of the Libyan Opposition ( NCLO) will convene on Saturday the 25th and Sunday 26th of June, 2005. The following draft agenda is aimed at discussing the following issues:

1. Political issues;

2. Human rights and civil society;

3. Media and information;

4. Post-conference structure; and

5. Final conference statement and recommendations.

Final details of the NCLO agenda will be distributed to all affiliates prior to the convention, along with the conference papers and the proposed recommendations submitted to the conference by the Organizing Committee of the NCLO.

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